Would you like to live in a city built on a 15 million-year-old meteorite crater?


Would you like to live in a city built on a 15 million-year-old meteorite crater? In Bavarian Nordlingen, Germany, people do.

Nordlingen is a medieval city entirely built within a crater called Nördlinger Ries in the middle of the Europe. It’s one of the most interesting stops on the Romantic Road, which runs along many Bavarian cities in Germany.

crater town with wall[Image Source: Flickr]

The city has a medieval soul, Bavarian architecture, and a great geological heritage. As you can see clearly above from the Daniel tower, the city is located in a circle, which was formed 15 million years ago when a huge meteorite hit the Earth. According to scientists, the meteorite created many diamonds around in the suevite stones, which were used to construct the buildings after the civilization. So  the locals are living in diamond-made houses.

wanapitei-grayish[Image Source: Impact Structures]

The suevite stone, which you can see in just a few places around the world, has an impact story beginning with meteorites. It includes melted materials as like glass, crystal, lithic fragments and even diamonds. So, Nordlingen is also a heaven for geologists, biologist, and scientists as well.


Living in diamonds

The locals used this stone to built their city, even the Daniel Tower and the church is composed of it. The city walls were built by suevite stone as well. Amazing right?

Nordlingen has gotten big attention by a scientist for many years. You can have detailed information about NASA’s researchers, the biological heritage of the city and join seminars about the craters at the Rieskrater Museum in the city, if you like to. You can even see the stones which were taken from the moon by Apollo 16 astronauts after their examination in Nordlingen. Walking tours are available in the area on the site of the National Geopark Ries, so you can tell your grandchildren that you took a long walk across a crater and have been in structures made from meteorites, which is an extremely great to tell a story.

As we mentioned before, we can see the suevite stone in a few places around the world like Sudbury Basin, Popigai crater, Chicxulub crater, Kara crater and the Azuara impact structure.

Nordlingen METEOR TOWN[Image Source: Flickr]

There are also many options to stay in the city, have a great Bavarian beer, as well as attend festivals like CittaSlow Festival, Stabenfest, Nördlinger Mess and Scharlachrennen. Try to catch one of them to make sure and make unforgettable memories. You can check out the website to learn more.