What do u do…You get to a new country for an adventurous holiday, but you realize you’ve left your power adapters at home


International travelers know this struggle all too well. You get to a new country for an adventurous holiday, but you realize you’ve left your power adapters at home. Or, worse yet, you didn’t prepare for different international travel sockets. The ChargEST travel adapter looks to prevent these situations from ruining trips ever again.


This charger is compatible with outlets in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and over 150 other plug standards. Charge up to six different devices at the same time on the ChargEST adapter. You can even charge Android and Apple devices simultaneously.

It comes with two height-adjustable microUSB pins, three fast-charging USB ports and both lightning and USB-C storage. It conforms to all socket outlet standards globally. With so many options, there’s no need to squabble with family members over chargers and available outlet space!


However, with all those devices, what’s the risk of the adapter (or your devices) overheating? The developers made sure the adapter won’t overheat. It comes with automatic overheating protection for either internal or external temperature change. Multiple built-in fuses protect against short circuiting. The adapter itself constantly monitors and maintains voltage variation to make sure your devices are protected.

No worries with small children around, as the socket outlet and plug adapters are 100 percent childproof, according to the company. Once your device is fully charged, the ChargEST automatically disconnects it from the power source to prevent overcharging.


It’s also perfect for anyone wanting to travel light. Because it’s all-in-one, you’ll never have to worry about chargers taking up too much space in your luggage again. Its compact design only comes to 3.15″ x 3.15″ x 1.57″. It weighs 130 kg with high-quality plastic.

George, co-founder of ChargEST, explained that the device came from a very personal and common need:

“I am an adventurer by nature and travel abroad often, both on business and pleasure occasions. I always bring lots of gadgets with me, including two phones and a laptop.  During one of my trips abroad I said to myself – what if I could charge all these with just ONE device and also no longer bother about the outlet standards around the world? And that’s how the idea of Chargest was created!”


You can buy countless variations of charging adapters, but they’ll just get lost or you won’t have the one you need when you need it. ChargEST saves you that hassle. For just $89, you can get the ChargEST system and the ChargEST bank. Or, if you want to gift this charger to friends, you can get three ChargEST adapters for $119.

For more information about this incredible device, check out the ChargEST page on IndieGoGo.

All images courtesy of ChargEST



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