US: Woman fired for flipping middle finger at Trump Motorcade inundated with over 450,000 job offers



Juli Briskman, the 50-year-old mother of two who cycled her way into America’s heart, won’t be out of work for long


Juli Briskman channels the feelings of millions of Americans as she salutes Benedict Donald on the back roads of Virginia.


When Donald Trump’s motorcade passed her on the back roads of Virginia last week, cyclist Juli Briskmandid what any patriotic American would do, she saluted — with a raised middle finger.

The real Wonder Woman, Briskman says she’d do it all over again.

A photo of the incident, taken by a press pool photographer riding in the caravan of black SUVs, went viral the next day, making Ms. Briskman an overnight Internet sensation. But it also cost the 50-year-old marketing executive her job at Akima LLC, a U.S. government contracting firm.

No worries. A week after giving the president the finger and finding herself out of work, Ms. Briskman has now received 453,678 job offers (and counting) from employers large and small, from every state in the union.

“She’s my ‘she-ro,’” said Lucy Clementori, who owns a chain of fitness centers throughout the Southwest and promised to hire Ms. Briskman, sight unseen. “She can take over our spin classes and teach everyone that great presidential salute!”

Saying hi to Donald Chump the Juli Briskman way. (Credit: Julie Briskman/Facebook)

Norm LaForge, who started a multi-million dollar company erecting cell towers in the Midwest, wants Juli Briskman to start yesterday. “It took guts to do what she did, giving the finger to The Great White Dope. That kind of chutzpah makes a great salesperson. She’s hired.”

“I don’t have any openings, but I’ll find a place for her anyway,” said Darlene Ranalin, founder of a public relations firm in Boston. “I guess President Drumpf was right after all, he really is creating new jobs.”

It is not known if Ms. Briskman is going to accept any of the 453,678 job offers that came her way seemingly as a reward for her political resistance, but her story does underscore the enormous benefits of “protest cycling.”