Update: Marwako assault supervisor granted bail, case adjorned.


The Ghanaian born Lebanese supervisor of the Abelenkpe branch of Marwako Fast Food chain who assaulted a Ghanaian lady chef has been granted bail by a high court in Accra hearing the assault case.

Mr Jihad Chaaban was granted bail and the case has been adjorned until 20th March, 2017.

The accused is alleged to have shoved the head of the female employee of the restaurant into a bowl of blended pepper.

The case generated huge public uproar raising tensions between sections of the public and the Lebanese community in Ghana. 

The Victim Evelyn Boakye 

This assault case brought into the fore the mistreatment Ghanaian employees suffer at the hands of foreign business owner.

It has however been confirmed that both the CEO of Marwako as well as the supervisor who is also the son in law of the CEO are all 2nd & 3rd generation Lebanese born Ghanaians respectively. This makes them Ghanaians by birth. 


#ThinkGhana will keep updating you on this case as we seek to bring Justice to the abused employee Evelyn Boakye and the necessary punishment to the supervisor who has rendered a public apologise to the victim.