UBER Driver assaults lady passenger over discounted fare


An UBER driver in Accra named Nana with car number GS8560-17 has beaten up to pulp a passenger over her Uber fare discount, MyNewsGh.com has learnt.

The UBER driver was not happy that she had a huge discount, telling her that if she had told him, he wouldn’t have picked her up, leading to a misunderstanding which saw him slapping and kicking her with ‘blows’ to ‘boot’.

He quickly sped off when the cries of the lady attracted help.


Many Uber riders, MyNewsGH.com has observed, have been complaining about poor quality of service of UBER over the period in the capital Accra, with older drivers accused of giving the company a bad name.

The lady whose name is being withheld for security reasons complained to her elder brother who is a lawyer in Accra and has vowed to take the matter on.


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He, however, wrote to UBER.

Writing about the incident to UBER which MyNewsGH.com picked up, he said:

“Dear Uber Ghana, you have to take a serious look at how you recruit and train your service providers. Particularly, you have to train them to understand that when they are disgruntled with the discounts you give, they are to pick up the issue with you and not the customers. Yesterday, the man below beat my kid sister because he wasn’t happy with the discount she got on her fare. He sped off when she started shouting for help and he heard us running out to save her. We have reported him to the police and you will soon hear from our lawyers. The public should beware of the ‘animal’ below!” His complaint read.


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UBER responded: 

“This is very concerning. Please send us a private message with the mobile number linked to the account from which the trip was taken so that we can investigate right away.”

Source: mynewsgh