TV3 sacks 40 employees for complaining about 3 months unpaid salaries. 


Over 40 staff of TV3 Network Limited have been summarily dismissed by the company’s management for engaging in “unfair labour practices.”

According to some of the workers who spoke on condition of anonymity, they were sacked after demanding better conditions of service.

The workers claim that their dismissal letters were handed over to them and escorted from the TV3 premises by the Police days after they protested over their “low salaries and poor conditions of service.”

Dismissal Letter

But a letter sighted by #ThinkGhana stated that the workers were dismissed for; “wearing red shirts on Wednesday 22 February, 2017, tying doors of offices with red fabric, writing of graffiti on the premises threatening management and hoisting of a red flag on the campany’s transmission on Wednesday 22 February 2017 without authority from management.”

Parts of the letter stated that “management wishes to bring to your attention that these acts that you participated in constituted industrial action which is a form of illegal strike and was aimed at intimidating and coercing management.

“This conduct amounts to unfair labour practice, management considers your action as participating in one form of illegal strike and also amounts to gross misconduct aimed at disrupting the business of the company and bringing the name of the company into disrepute.

“Based on the above violations management has decided to summarily dismiss you from the service with immediate effect.”

The Human Resource Manager of TV3 could not be reached for comment.