To the People of Anyaa-Sowutuom; Hon. Dr. Adomako Kissi writes to his Constituents

Hon. Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi (MP Anyaa-Sowutuom)

To the people of Anyaa Sowutuom

With the 2021 Legislative Session upon us, members of parliament are working diligently to understand the challenges facing our country and their respective constituencies in order to craft policies that benefit the people of Ghana now and for decades to come. Ghana has been impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 and several debates were done to provide pandemic related relief and support, and many necessary adjustments to budgets were made to keep the country running. Ghanaians also faced significant job losses, school closures, fires and damaging rain storms.

All of 2020 and Ghana’s problems did not simply disappear as the date turned to 2021, nor did many ongoing needs of our country. One thing is certain in the 8th Parliament; we are committed to bettering the lives of the all Ghanaians. With so much important work for the legislature to do in a short amount of time, it is important that we prioritize our efforts. By focusing on the right goals, we are sure our country will continue to be the best place to live, work, learn and to raise a family for generations to come.
There are some key ideas we need to consider.

● Proper allocation of funds in a way that maximizes each cedi and preparing for any future crisis is critical for our economic survival and future prosperity.

● Continued investment in transportation, recreation, and technology infrastructure projects will provide a solid foundation for jobs and quality of life.

● Efforts to improve access to healthcare, housing, and education will open the door of opportunity to everyone in the country. Our nation can go far if only all Ghanaians can make the most of their individual talents. This means that extending opportunity for all.

● Finally, after going through the pandemic for about a year, it is important that we reassess how we respond to emergencies to allow for swift action, but never at the expense of the will of the people.

As we work together in the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking, I am confident that Ghana will further improve its reputation as a place for endless opportunity and quality of life. Over the course of the 48 months, there will be many more great ideas that will come forth. I am looking forward to debating and enacting policies that will better the lives of all Ghanaians.

Hon. Dr. Adomako Kissi
MP Anyaa Sowutuom
The Majority Caucus


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