Tips On How To Rock Your African Fashion Print Pencil Skirt


Last week we brought you the same with skater skirts and dresses, so what is the difference you may ask? Well pencil skirts have made it’s wave in society traditionally as the skirt for the office ladies, so there will always be a touch of professionalism or maturity when applying it to fashion.

With that said, although it is flexible, it is also most potent when the casual style is border line formal. Ie. Long sleeves, button shirts, etc. Below are images from various style girls to see how it works, I would also add that pencil skirts (when worn casually) always go well with a (not big but a) stand out necklace. Enjoy the images below. And drop us a comment on how you style your pencil skirt best.pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-696x431pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-3 pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-2 pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-6 pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-5 pencil-skirt-print-african-fashion-4