This lady “Sarah Konteh” is wanted by Police for stealing $50,000.


A young lady Sarah Konteh who came into the country last week holding an Australian passport is wanted by the Airport Police for stealing about $50,000 from her host.

Ms Konteh who is originally from Free Town came into the country via an Australian passport and was hosted by a gentleman at his East Legon residence for a few days.

Sarah Konteh’s passport

She is believed to have stolen the money which was hidden in the gentleman’s room when she visited the residence in the gentleman’s absence to pick up her luggage. After initially denying ever being in the house when the gentleman wasn’t around she admitted visiting the residence to carry her luggage in his absence.

Ms Konteh is believed to be hiding in Tema and it’s environs with another man.

All attempts by her host to contact her after she admitted visiting his residence in his absence to carry her luggage have proved futile as she has refused to pick his calls.

A complaint has been lodged at the Airport Police Station for her arrest the retrieval of the stolen money.

A Police report filed by Sarah Konteh’s host who’s $50,000 has been stolen at the Airport Police StationĀ 

The gentleman seeks the help of the general public to apprehend Ms Sarah Konteh. Any information leading to her arrest will be greatly appreciated and the informant handsomely rewarded.