The Rejects; Madam Charlotte Osei’s unsuccessful suitors for Election 2016



*Mrs Nana Konadu Rawlings*.. same subscriber double endorsement forms.

*Akua Donkor* has also been disqualified for fielding a minor as vice presidential candidate. Issue referred to AG.

*Mr T.N Ward brew* …(forms not properly completed among others…

*Richard Nixon Tetteh* (Regulation 7 , 2 (b) of CI 74)..

*Mr Appaloo*..(,CI 94, regulation…..) Was not met among others

*Dr. Agyenim Boateng (UFP)* . Rejected..(subscribers who endorsed his forms had also subscribed for other candidates. This is against the rules of engagement in filling ones nomination). U subscribe for not more than one nominee. Breach of regulation(), of C.I 74)

*Papa Kwesi Nduom* ….Rejected- one subscriber endorsed his forms both in Central and Volta region with the same Voters ID number.

*Dr Henry Herbert Lartey* ( same subscriber not being able to meet the legal requirements of signing etc…

*Hassan Ayariga* -Rejected because of perjury. Supplying false information, discrepancies and false declaration.

*Dr.Nasigri Mahama* -Rejected (thumbprints nd signatures inconsistentnd has dual endorsements.

The disqualification of Papa Kwesi Nduom came as a surprise for many voters. We at ThinkGhana would urge Dr Nduom to fire his lawyers who had the responsibility to make sure such discrepancies such as that which was found in his forms were sort out before presenting the forms to the EC. But perhaps they were too busy taking the EC to court on the issue of the GHC50,000 & GHC10,000 filing fees for presidential and parliamentary aspirants.

We’re also baffled by the disqualification of experienced presidential aspirants like PNC Edward Mahama & GCPP Dr Henry Lartey.

However this will be the second time Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has tried unsuccessfully to submit her nominations forms and qualify for elections. We at ThinkGhana are of the opinion that its about time she hang up the gloves to her presidential dreams.