The incredible journey of Francis N’Gannou; UFC Heavyweight Champ from Cameroon


The story of Francis Ngannou needs to be made into a film…

N’Gannou in 2011 and Now.
Miocic and N’Gannou
  • Born into poverty.
  • Forced to work in a sand quarry at 10-years-old and digged until he was 17 so he could provide for his family.
  • Decided to leave Cameroon for a better life.
  • Had to drink out a dirty well containing dead animals after crossing the Sahara desert.
  • Arrested in Spain for entering illegally.
  • Homeless in Paris without a penny to his name.
  • Started training for free under Didier Carmont in 2013.
  • Initially started boxing before switching to martial arts. Had his first fight in November of that year.
  • Signed for UFC.
  • Wins heavyweight title in 2021.
N’Gannou punches Miocic
Miocic hits the canvas
N’Gannou pummels Miocic
Francis N’Gannou made Cameroon and Africa proud

Incredible journey 🇨🇲


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