The Ghanaian logic is Inherently stupid? Chris-Vincent tears down Akufo-Addo’s 110 ministerial appointments.


I have a problem with the absurd Ghanaian logic–perhaps, influenced by the dirty drinking water we take when growing up. And perpetuated by the lack of analytical skills’ development in our model of education. 

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri the Writer of this piece and editor of

Apart from the fact that the UK of 65 million population, even post the Brexit political chaos is being effectively governed by 105 ministers, of which some even hold two or more ministerial positions, I am told India, a population of 1.6 billion has just a little over 70 ministers.
And Japan, a population of over 125 million has just about 17 ministers–with their Deputy Prime Minister, Tarō Asō, also the Minister of Finance, Minister of State for Financial Services and Minister in charge of Overcoming Deflation.
One person, doing all these things successful–that’s the definition of competence. 
I’ve seen several Ghanaians write that, it’s competence that matters and not the number of Ministers the NPP government will appoint.
This is why I say, the Ghanaian logic is inherently stupid.
What’s competence if we need 105 people to do a job, that can be done in the same light or better by a smaller number?
And if you have to get over 100 people to fix a country like Ghana, then that’s a crowd of little or no competence, merging their little competence to form a somewhat enough competence. Is that the competence the NPP promised us?
Competence borders on doing a lot with little, managing little resource for a disproportionate outcome–doing little with a lot or doing a lot with a lot is not competence and every reasonable person will accept that, except the Ghanaian.
Look, the average Ghanaian is stupid–and the politicians know this, that’s why they continue to treat us this way.
If I was a politician in charge of a population of idiots whose reasoning does not go beyond party colours, I would actually do the same.
Some say, let’s wait to see–really? Let’s wait for the obvious and foreseeable sham or damage before we talk…huh! 

Especially when those in power criticised those we voted out of power for having too many Ministers when they were a little over 80… 


Yeah, I understand why you people don’t have electricity and why fuel prices get increased each day without any proper explanation.
I understand why the police continue to take bribes and why everyone wants to serve Ghana but only through a political appointment.
I understand why five million Ghanaians do not have access to any toilet facility with 20 million not having access to basic improved sanitation.
I understand why there are more churches than schools and hospitals combined, and yet we support the building of a national cathedral. 
I also understand why a common dirt caused disease like cholera, that was eradicated in England over a century ago (I mean over 100 years ago) continues to kill you, each year.
When is the rain season–so that cholera and malaria will start to kill some of these people for us. Their existence seems to be the problem of Ghana. 
I want to be a Ghanaian politician!

Note that Rwanda has a population of over 12 million with about 30 Ministers of state–“abi their problems chaw pass us or?” That’s a country that was taking back to the palaeolithic era by a civil war.  And it’s booming on the back of the 30!
By – Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

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