Tamale: Samba floors Bugri Naabu to become new NPP Northern Regional Chairman


All the stunts in the world could not help incumbent NPP Northern Regional Chairman Daniel Bugri Naabu to hold on to his position as formidable opponent and newly elected Northern Regional Chairman Mohammed Bantima Samba pummeled the vociferous ex chairman to a humiliating defeat in the just ended polls.

Below is how the various candidates for the Chairmanship position polled at the just ended elections.


Certified Results for NPP Northern Regional Chairmanship race:

Mohammed A. Bantima Samba = 312

Alhaji Abdallah Hindu = 25

Alhaji Mugis Sibawey = 0

Daniel Bugri Naabu = 116

Amadu Inusah Dagomba Boy = 99

Spoilt = 1


Source: think.com.gh