Sweden: Ghanaian Footballer charged with raping 14 year old Swedish girl appear in court


Ghana international Kingsley Sarfo has admitted having sex with a Swedish girl though he stated that he was in a relationship with her and did not know she was 14 years old.

Sarfo who has been indefinitely suspended by his club Malmo FF appeared before a Malmö District Court on Monday as his trial begun.

The player has been detained since early March and has been charged with rape against children in two cases.

According to the persecutor, on the first occasion, in September 2016, Sarfo raped the victim in an apartment in Malmö. On the second occasion, in June 2017, the abuse took place in a public toilet in Folkets Park in Malmö.

The girl became pregnant and was asked by Sarfo chose to abort as her mother made a police report.

Denies crimes 

Sarfo’s lawyer Mikael Sundman has denied both events. The first he claims did not even happen.

The player pointed through his lawyer pointed out that the girl’s mother wants to spoil his client’s career.

– How ever, Sarfo’s lawyer could not deny that the Ghanaian and the girl didn’t have sex. He emphasized that it happened through mutual consent on dates that are inconsistent with the prosecutor’s claims. In addition, he asserted that the plaintiff was over 15 years old when they had sex.

When the four-day trial began, the player was escorted in jail by several detainees into the courtroom.

– Obviously, it’s a difficult situation for my client. But he does not want to hide from the public. He is in good vigor and does not think he has anything to hide, says the defense attorney.

Own witnesses 

He states that the defense brings his own witnesses in the case.

– My client and the girl had a relationship at the time of the event. But for how long it lasted, we are not going there this moment.

Chamber Attorney Rikard Darell relies on data from both the Migration Board and the girl’s parents in terms of age.

If the MFF player is judged, he will be in prison for at least two years in prison.

The prosecutor has also demanded that the player be expelled after serving penalties and not allowed to return to Sweden for ten years.

“Of course, it’s serious days for my client. But he has prepared carefully and is not nervous, says Mikael Sundman.

According to the lawyer, the player has tried, as far as possible, to maintain his physique in the detention. The player has complete restrictions and is not allowed to read newspapers or watch TV.

Unclear with his career

What happens to the player’s career if found guilty?

“Of course, it has big consequences. But we are absolutely not there, says the lawyer.

In the goal, a friend of the MFF player has also been charged with the sexual exploitation of children.

The victim must be the same girl. Though he has denied it

The trial in Malmö is scheduled to last for four days.

Source: Expressen