Speak positive things into the life of the nation – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Mensa Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil has asked Ghanaian Christians, especially those in his church, to be bubbly about Ghana’s prospects and speak positive things into the life of the nation rather than have a complaining and self-defeating attitude.

Teaching his International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) congregation about the power of God’s Word and how their own words can impact their lives, thus, the need to speak positive things into their lives even in the face or stark daunting realities, Pastor Otabil said just as God hears and answers to positive utterances of people, so does he also listen to negative and self-defeating words of people.

“Words can be self-defeating, you lose the battle with your words before the fight even begins”, the founder of ICGC said.

He, thus, urged Ghanaians to shun the spirit of complaint and rather speak good things into Ghana’s life.

“The spirit of complaint: ‘We’re not able’, ‘we can’t do it’; I’m here to declare: That Ghana is prosperous, that Ghana will make it, that the people of Ghana will prosper, the people of Ghana will be on top, I see millionaires, I see billionaires, I see businesses expanding, I see new doors opening to you, I see a flourishing economy, I see an abundant economy, I see money flowing in this country, I see industries flowing, I see tourism booming, I see God showing favour to this nation, that is my nation.

“I don’t know which Ghana you live in, whether it’s the wilderness, it’s up to you but this is my land, flowing with milk and honey. There’s honey here, there’s milk here.

“But somebody [may] say: ‘Pastor face the fact’. Which fact? My facts are not based on the economy, my facts are based on the promises of God. As long as I live here, I am blessed; as long as this is my land, I am blessed. If I were in the desert, I’d be blessed; if I were born in Mauritania, it will be blessed; if I’m born in China, it will be blessed; if I’m in Niger, it will be blessed; wherever, if it’s Western Sahara, it will be blessed; it doesn’t matter which nation because I am here, because you are here, because you are a servant of God, because God has given you His word, and God has given you His Promise, you will not fail, you will prosper, you will abound and don’t ever look at what the challenge is and say: ‘I’m a Grasshopper’; don’t ever look at the giants in the land and say: ‘We’re not able’.

“I came here to announce to somebody: ‘You’re well-able. The Lord will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Those who said you are finished, they’ll watch and see you living in the overflow. Words have got power, words are powerful. What you say, God hears. If you want life, speak life, if you want favour, speak favour.

“You have to determine in this nation that every word that you speak will affirm your confidence in what God will do in your life. Your words will affirm your confidence in what you believe God will do in your life. You’re not going down, I said you are not going down, you will prosper, you will increase, you will grow, you will flourish, you will bear fruit, God will answer your prayer, God will show you favour, God will scatter your enemy, God will give you victory on every side, in every battle, you are not [among] those who go to battle and come in tears, you go into a battle and come with a shout, you go into a battle and come with victory, the battle will be strong but your God is stronger, your enemy is mighty, but your God is almighty, your problem is high but you serve the Most High God. I came here to announce to somebody, ‘You are going over, you are prospering, you are increasing, it is well with you, you will not die in the wilderness, you are not going back to Egypt, you are in the Promised Land and you are living in the Promised Land”, Dr Otabil prayed.

He said as far as he is concerned, “I’m in a good place, the land is good for me, Ghana is good for me.”

Source: classfmonline