Spanish café begins charging more for coffee if customers are rude


A café in Spain has begun charging its customers more for their coffees and pastries if they are rude when ordering.

Restaurant Blau Grifeu in Llanca charges rude customers €5 for their morning pick-me-up while those who behave more graciously pay just €3.

Saying ‘please’ and wishing the barista a good morning will get you a coffee for as little as €1.30.

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Marisel Valencia Madrid, the owner of Restaurant Blau Grifeu, said the scheme is working and that customers are beginning to be more polite to her staff.

“People seem to be in a rush these days and forgetting to say ‘please’ when they ask for something,” she told the Times.

The 41-year-old from Colombia added that she finds it strange that Spaniards are less inclined to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ than customers in her native country, who are typically more well-mannered.

The idea was originally inspired by a bar in Paris, France, that offers disounts depending on the politeness of its clientele, according to Verne.