Shocker: Married woman & lover mistakenly hire police to kill husband

Asare & Mavis in handcuffs

A toxic mix of infidelity and hate nearly led to the killing of a lawfully wedded husband, David Gator, in the Eastern region.

His 32-year-old wife, Mavis Brepor, has been arrested while carrying out a plan to kill her husband with the help of her new lover.

The two hatched the plan to kill David Gator, 52, a farmer who has been married to Mavis for close to 12 years with three children.

Mavis and her 50-year-old boyfriend, Patrick Asare, had planned to get married after contracting killers to kill off Gator.

But in a bizarre twist, the man they identified for the hitman role was a police commander.

Police from Manhyia in the Ashanti Region apprehended the two after they mistakenly dialled the phone number of the Manhyia Divisional Police Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah, instead of the hitman.

ACP described the call to his phone as “a treasury of gold” in an interview with

Unbeknown to Patrick, the receiver of the phone call was not their contract killer whom they had planned to pay GH¢100,000 for the execution but a police commander.

The commander feigned interest, played along and got the suspects arrested after involving undercover investigators and detectives.

The commander explained to that Patrick, popularly called Coach, had moved to live in the Eastern Region barely six months ago.

But soon he was “now having an amorous affair with this Mavis Brepor, also known as Maadwoa who is married to Mr David Gator”.

“He wanted to have this man killed and therefore he was eager to pay so much money to the would-be killer,” he stated.

ACP Buah said his team was able to lure Patrick to Kumasi after close to a month “because he believed throughout the conversation that we were killers from Sefwi”.

The suspect went to Kumasi to direct the supposedly hired killers to the location of Mavis’ husband and got arrested on Saturday, May 2. ACP Duah explained that the suspect confessed to the crime and named Mavis as his accomplice. The woman was also picked up the next day.

The suspect led the police to Pamen, where Mavis was also arrested. The police team proceeded to inform Mr Gator about the development.

“He was literally down. He was sweating. He never believed that his wife could sell him off for someone to kill him, and that person is the boyfriend of his wife,” he narrated.

ACP Duah said they are done with the processes and would proceed to court to prosecute the suspects. They would first get the accused remanded and forward the docket to the Attorney-General’s Department for advice.

Meanwhile, Mavis has explained to Adehye FM’s Elisha Adarkwah that her lover used a charm to hypnotise her. She said her focus shifted from her husband to the new lover  in a way she said she could not explain.

She told the reporter that she got to know after one of her children told her what Patrick had done.

“I have now come to my senses. The man inscribed my name and other details on a white handkerchief. I became insensitive to my husband. The man even imposed ruled on me, including seeking permission from him before sleeping with my husband,” she said.

According to her, the boyfriend gave her broken bottles pulverized into fine powder and instructed her to put it into her husband’s food. But she refused.

Mavis said she could not inform the husband because of the charm placed on her.

She pleaded for forgiveness from her husband, family and the public.