Shatta Wale to opt for PATERNITY TEST after allegations of Majesty not being his biological son?


Information gathered from reliable sources within Shatta Wale’s camp indicate that the Dancehall King may be considering opting for a paternity test to ascertain authenticity of allegations made by Yaa Pono during their fiery rap beef that his love child with Shatta Michy may not be his biological son.

Shatta Wale and his wife Shatta Michy 

You would recall that Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono have been engaged in a rap beef with both rappers throwing scathing allegations around about each other.

Yaa Pono first released a diss track “Noko” to bait Shatta Wale into responding. After Shatta took the bait and responded by releasing a diss track of his own “Say Fi” because apparently Pono had dared him to “say Fi” which he did in a vitriolic rebuttal. Yaa Pono then release his 2nd and most deadly diss track “Gbee Naabu” literally translated as “Dog Mouth” an obvious reference to Shatta Wale’s unflattering superficial looks with regard to his wide mouth. Shatta Wale is yet to respond to Pono 2nd diss track.

On the track “Gbee Naabu” Yaa Pono impugned Shatta Michy (Shatta Wale’s wife) was a lesbian and that their young child Majesty might not be Shatta Wale’s biological son.

Fans of Yaa Pono were quick to dish out viral memes of the young child comparing his looks to Shatta and then to Shatta former prodigy Ara B whom the young Majesty bears a striking resemblance. Many are now asking if indeed Ara B who had a fall out with Shatta about a year ago could be the legitimate father of Majesty and pointing fingers at Shatta Michy for possible infidelity.
Shatta Wale  –     Majesty  –   Ara B

Already rumours are rife of Shatta Michy’s involvement in lesbian activities but these are just unsubstantiated rumours that Shatta Wale has reportedly threatened to sue the rumour peddlers. 

Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono who use to be buddies had a fall out a few weeks ago after Pono was denied his performance at a concert in which Shatta was the main act at the Cape Coast Stadium.

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