Selassie Djentuh: the man who “chopped & dumped” Rawlings’s favorite daughter & lived to regret it

Zenator Rawlings & her father JJ Rawlings


Selassie Djentuh is a Ghanaian and one of the few approved boyfriends of Rawlings’ pearl, Zanetor in the 90s.

After winning the heart of the first daughter of the first family of the first republic, the seat of government was unlimitedly opened to Selassie and his family. He was sometimes including in the the entourage of the president during his trips. Zanetor would visit Djentus family with her bodyguards around.

In fact, he even got to fly privately with Rawlings.

Then both Djentuh and Zanetor had admission to school abroad. Selassie at London, Zenator, Dublin.

With distance, everything was reduced to communication on phone and occasional meetings.


When they both returned to Ghana, the relationship was no longer the same as it was. At a point Djentuh felt Zanetor wasn’t always telling him the truth about her whereabouts, why a phone call wasn’t answered and you know all the things when doubts begin to creep into a once typically tight love affair.

To cut a long story short, Djentuh called for an end to the love affair. They went back to school and reestablished contact again after Zanetor called to wish him a happy birthday . After sometime, it wasn’t going to be, Selassie had fallen out of love, Zanetor was still in it and so it didn’t go down well with Zanetor and her family.

This is where all the drama started.

The life of Selassie Djantuh and his family was never going to be the same again.

One morning, while riding on a motorbike around his neighborhood, he was knocked by a car. When his parents decided to investigate the matter, they were warned to nip it in the bud because the repercussion of that venture would be fatal. At this point, it was obvious that a unseen hand from a powerful source was after the young man.

The only suspects were the Rawlingses.


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A month later, when Selassie visited his mum’s estate site, he met over 20 military men waiting to take him away. When he resisted, he was beaten and whisked away.

Selassie was taken to the castle, beaten on daily basis at the castle and his hair was shaved with unsharpened blade and bottles.

When his dad and mum when to the castle, a soldier attempted to hit his mum. His dad tried blocking the blow and the result was that he was accused of assault, arrested and detained for 24 hours before being released.

Days later, Selassie was released and was charged for reckless ridding in relation to his motor accident and made to pay a fine.

It wasn’t just that, his mother’s estate with over 30 houses were bulldozed completely. The police later produced a court order relating to properties that were rather miles away.

Mrs Konadu accused Selassie’s of using the name of the President to acquire the said land even though it was proven that she had that land before the adventure.


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The whole family moved to the UK for sometime. When Selassie’s mum and dad returned, they were arrested.

At this stage, the news had gone international and so Amnesty International intervened and they were released on suspended sentence.

The 2000 elections was approaching and the only hope of the troubled family was to see NPP win because they knew that even if NDC wins, Rawlings was still going to be very powerful though he was not going to be the president.

Selassie applied for Asylum in the UK.

Their prayer was answered, Kufour won the elections and the drama ended.

Zenator Rawlings & Father Jerry John Rawlings

Things happen for GH oo.

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By: Isaac Kyei Andoh