Retaining power for real – Hon. Dr. Adomako Kissi, MP Anyaa-Sowutuom speaks


Retaining power for real!!!

We risk loosing power because 2nd terms are harder to manage. Reduction in patience by voters are no joke. The impact of agitation on our previous success in 2016 and 2021 needs to get us working harder.

We may know better but our actions need to be tailored to the suit our current Ghanaian needs of having rental, housing, school fees, trade shops, food needs and jobs.

Despair may cloud our thinking at times but we have to make grass root needs our priority. Broad consultation and inclusive conversation with everyone and party faithfuls may help us.

Our ambition to retain power must not die. Nagging, bad attitude, helplessness, and lack of appreciation must die first. Past political failures tend to follow a certain path which must be checked. We need people to buy into retaining power more so than overly powerful projects and projections that may not be doable in the immediate future.

Our voters have evolved and are much smarter, follow social media and are vicious. Upward economic mobility will be a great measure of grass root as they assess government. We need to show more success stories than confirmed reports so far. The risk of loosing power can not be over emphasized.

Let’s strengthen the base first and then Secure our future. The ordinarily Voter is now knowledgeable, sophisticated

Credit: Hon. Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi (MP Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency)