Rastafarian boy Oheneba Nkrabea reports to Achimota School to be enrolled

Oheneba Nkrabea

The family of one of the Rastafarian boys who was denied admission into Achimota School because of their locked hair has reported to the school this morning to be registered and enrolled after the high court ruling guaranteeing their rights to education and a respect of their religious freedoms.

The boy, Oheneba Nkrabea and his father Ras Nkrabea and mother Maanaa Myers reported to the administration block of the school early Thursday morning to continue the registration process after they were thrown out by the headmistress a few months ago because they refused to cut the son’s hair for religious reasons.

The parents of the 2 boys Oheneba Nkrabea and Tyrone Marhguy took the school, GES and the Attorney General to court and won.

Achimota School was directed by the court to admit the 2 boys with their locked hair. The Board of the School has served notice that they intend to appeal the ruling with an injunction on the admission of the boys but but backtracked on the injunction and has decided to admit the boys as the legal processes continue.

More soon.