Prof. Martey lied, he took $100k, vehicle bribe – Former Presby PRO alleges


Former public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has disclosed that the outgoing Moderator of the church, Prof. Emmanuel Martey, was indeed bribed with money and a vehicle by some politicians.

This revelation contradicts earlier claims by Prof Martey.

Prof Emmanuel Martey had said he almost unleashed his dogs on the unnamed politicians who had come to bribe him to keep his mouth shut.

Dr. Emmanuel Osei Acheampong says Prof Martey is throwing dust in the eyes of the public by denying that he received the bribe.

Dr Acheampong said the bribe was meant to influence the church’s sermons and pursue the agenda of the party.

Speaking to Kasapa News’ Akwasi Nsiah, the former PRO alleged that a leading member of one of the opposition parties presented the money to him (Prof. Emmanuel Martey).

The former Presby PRO said these in Twi:

Today marks a sad day for the Christian religion, the statement from Prof Martey is one of the most unfortunate that I have heard in recent times, a leader should have ethical communication which will not escalate into violence. Jesus never talked this way. Prof Martey is speaking in the opposite way, when he came into office, he presented to us a statement from one of the strongest political parties, when we kicked against it, he sacked me.

In July 28, 2013, around 8:15pm, he invited me to the office of one of the leading opposition parties not the ruling government, when I got there he had received the 100,000 dollars and a V8 he is claiming to have rejected. And he gave me 50,000 dollars, I am speaking on authority that he received the money.

Dr Achempong claims he rejected the $50,000 dollars.

Prof.Martey on Tuesday claimed he refused to accept $100,000 bribe meant to shut him up from commenting about the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Dr. Acheampong said Prof, Martey’s posture does not befit a man of God and wondered why he would tell untruths.