Political Interference in the Armed Forces; Real or Perceived?


For years we have bemoaned the dilution of professionalism in the Ghana Armed Forces as a result of political interference and yet this topic is brushed aside anytime it is out on the front burner for discussion.

I just cannot fathom how the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces will look on for a member of his party and a supposed “Honourable” member of parliament to visit such insults on his Armed Forces Public relations officer.

So as a soldier looking up to my Commander in Chief and President for moral and inspiration if a politician can just insult such a high ranking officer without him saying anything , History will judge us.

All Colonel Aggrey Quashie sought to do was to explain the recruitment process and assure the public of a fair deal. Yet an MP whose drive was to influence such a process to favour his constituents decided to take such a senior officer to the cleaners and rained unprintable insults on him.

As for the analysis that we can draw from his vituperations; its clear for all to see.

“Honourable” Kennedy Agyepong was virtually naming the people in the System he in his biased opinioopinion felt were loyal to his party and course. A very regrettable endeavour to say the least.

The challenge and onus still lies on high command.

I have been asking myself these very interesting questions?

Since NPP came into power; I hardly see MS leaks on the civil street, why?

Prince Prah seems to be out of business.

No more description of MS publications as Agbadza and Batakari promotions .why?

So am I wrong to deduce that it was a group of people who were in this business and now that they have power all the noise is down?

Its time we stand together united in the ethics and standards of our profession and leave the politicking to the politicians.

Its so sad that even after these unwarranted attacks the Service has not taken exception to the unparliamentary and dishonourable manner in which a sitting member of parliament visited insults on a distinguished senior Officer.

Am I to die for such a commander?

By: Opinions of an anonymous soldier