PHOTOS: Duke Micah retains bantamweight title with 8th round victory over Yakuub Kareem


Undefeated WBO Africa bantamweight champion Duke Micah rewrote history by defending his title and obtained a record of 18 career wins after knocking out Nigeria’s Yakuub Kareem (14-5-1).

Micah’s victory was confirmed after the eighth round when his contender, Yakuub threw in the towel during the break.

The boxing bout that was staged at the Hatrimani Hall of the Accra Sports Stadium drew most of boxing fanatics to the mouthwatering scintillating slugfest.

“I did my best to come out peacefully and a nice face,” Micah said.

“This is my best fight because someone who can receive the punches and if you don’t work you will you will stop it for me and it was a good test for me” said Micah who continued to keep his towel clean after 18 fights.

The fight could have ended in the third round, when Micah connected a concrete punch to the fore head of Yakuub that floored him, but he was fortunate to beat referee Erasmus Owu’s count.

Yakuub kept his gloves tight although Micah’s fans anticipated his downfall.

There were swift punches from the ex Olympiad but was also rocked with some heavy jabs which gave him some alerts.

The vanquisher, is already dreaming of a rematch to redeem his image.

However Duke Micah’s manager Micheal Bediako expressed his satisfaction and revealed that the teams aim is to win a world title.