Overspeeding Sprinter Bus caused Ebony’s accident – Driver


Ebony’s Driver reveals what led to deadly crash.

– The driver of the late music star, Ebony, has opened up on the circumstances leading to the death of the singer and two others in a gory accident

– In an interview from his sick bed, the injured driver said that the accident occurred when he made a quick move to save a Sprinter bus, which he said was speeding

– According to him, the move caused him to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a VIP bus, leading to the death of Ebony, her friend, Franky, and her bodyguard, Vondee

The driver of the vehicle dancehall musician, Ebony Reigns was travelling in before her tragic accident has spoken for the first time.

In an interview with Adom TV, which was monitored by YEN.com.gh, the driver revealed that the accident happened because he had tried to save a Sprinter Bus from crashing.

Ebony died in an accident on Thursday night on the Sunyani-Kumasi Highway while returning to Accra after visiting her mum in Sunyani.

Initial reports suggest that the Jeep she was travelling in collided with a VIP bus after her driver tried to swerve a heap of sand in the middle of the road.

But according to the driver, the swerving the heap of sand only became necessary because he initially had given way to a speeding Sprinter bus which had engaged in a ‘wrong overtaking’.

Narrating the incident from his hospital bed, he said the Sprinter after engaging in the dangerous overtaking ‘gave him [Ebony’s driver] light” which was an indication for him to give way.

After swerving for the Sprinter to pass, Ebony’s driver said, he realised there was a heap of sand which he also tried to swerve.

In his bid to avoid crashing into the heap of sand, the Jeep slid into the path of the oncoming VIP leading to a head on collision.



Source : YEN