No1 Oxford Street; How much does it cost to sleep at Ghana’s premier condo for a night?

NO1 Oxford Street at Night

No1 Oxford Street, unmissable, imposing and flamboyant. The most glamorous accommodation and address in Accra Ghana will leave you breathless and awestruck.

Owned by private business mogul Nana Kwame Bediako (aka Cheddar), a self styled African Prince, No1 Oxford street is the epitome of luxury accommodations.

No1 Oxford Street at Day

The sheer glimmer of the structure at night will take your breathe away but it will leave holes in your pocket and a dent in your bank account for days if not months. No1 Oxford Street may be one of the most expensive hotels for a night stay in the world but we dare say the experience may be worth it.

No1 Oxford Street sideview at Night

Sporting the best facilities any hotel can ever boast of, Cheddar as the owner of the edifice is popularly called has parked his Lamborghini sports car that he bought from no less a person than soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo inside a glass dome specially built inside the facility to accommodate the beast of a car which is a sheer beauty to watch.

Lamborghini parked inside No1 Oxford Street

Now, how much do you think it cost to stay here for a night? Well we won’t pull your legs any longer. Prices for a one night stay at No1 Oxford Street start at a whopping $950 dollars a night and can go as high as your budget can carry you.

No1 Oxford Street Prices

Surely the very best must come at a hefty price and No1 OxfordStreet serves the very best of views and locations and hotel services in Accra and the world.

The building opened its doors this December, 2019 in time for the “Year of Return” and many visitors have taken the opportunity to at least get a photo standing beside arguably the most beautiful architectural masterpiece Ghana can currently boast of.