New Patriotic Party (NPP) Toronto chapter is yet to celebrate the victory the party won in the last election in Ghana.


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Toronto chapter is yet to celebrate the
victory the party won in the last election in Ghana.

However individuals, Ghanaian traditional associations and religious
organizations have been holding celebration events since the elections
ended and the NPP won.

Already scheduled individual parties, Christmas parties and get together by
traditional and associations and churches before the general elections were
held are being turned into NPP soiree all over Canada and United States of

This has been the observation of this reporter ever since the elections
came to an end and a new president was elected in the person of Nana Akufo

Just after the independent Electoral Commission (E.C.) of Ghana declared
Akufo Addo winner, the joy of Ghanaians in Canada knew no bounds.

Nana Akufo Addo election as the next president of Ghana quickly turned
already scheduled social events in Canada and America into NPP victory

As recorded in some churches I Toronto members gathered hit the floor in
drones to dance, sing and waved white handkerchiefs in praise of God for
peaceful Elections.

Poking NPP change sign by rolling fingers on top of another became common
at dancing floors as Ghanaian Disc Jockeys played the NPP slogans.

At various ballrooms and entertainment halls where get together were being
held, the song sung was bye bye Mahama leave.

As if majority of Ghanaians have been freed from bondage and celebrating
their freedom, wherever they congregate after the elections, people sing
and dance poking the change sign to express their joy.

Tafo Pankrono Association in Toronto was the latest Ghanaian association to
have celebrated its annual end of year get together at Apostles
Continuation which was more than NPP victory soiree.

The sumptuous Ghanaian dishes that were served was an interesting
experience for invited guests and members.

A dazzling range of artistic events at the party made invited guests to
discover authentic Ghanaian rhythms and dance which urged the invited
guests to participate by taking to the dancing floor.

When contacted Mr. Alex Barning, vice chairman of NPP Toronto chapter
confirmed to this reporter that the party will hold a victory soiree on
January 7, 2017 the very day the president elect would be sworn in.

However, the NPP Canada branch soiree has been postponed to a future date
where the president will visit the country to celebrate with them Mr. Alex
Barning disclosed.

Next weekend is likely to see Ghanaian churches holding out intercessory
watch night service to ask God blessings for the president, Parliament the
country and total peace and development for Ghana and Canada and the whole
world in 2017.


Source: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.