Nana Addo’s ‘1 village, 1 dam’ promise possible – NDC MP


NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Bongo Constituency in the Upper East Region, Edward Abambire Bawa says Nana Addo’s campaign promise of “1 Village, 1 Dam” is very possible to achieve. 

According to him, there is nothing that a government cannot achieve if there is political will. 

Contributing to Peace FM’s Kokrokoo, Edward Bawa, who is also the Public Relations Officer of the Energy Ministry noted that once there are available resources, the government can commit itself to establishing any project in the country. 

This is why the NDC guru believes that the NPP flagbearer can indeed fulfill his promise. 

“If the government says it wants to change you from a male into a female, it can do. So, if government really wants to something, he will be able to do it. Of course, all that he needs to do is push in the resources there. That’s it. If at the expense of any other thing, he will be able to do. So, that’s not the issue,” he stated.

However, Edward Bawa is of a strong view that Nana Addo’s approach to construct dams in every village is wrong. 

He asked how the NPP is going to make it a reality without having engaged in any feasibility studies. 

“If you take my constituency, there are three villages, Kadare, Koderego and Goh which are very close to each other, it just doesn’t make sense to place a build a dam in each town. What has government done, it has decided to create one particular dam to feed the three areas. Dam constructions in themselves are good, the question is what is the approach? Is it the Van Dame approach which is one-dam one-village, or going the cluster way the government is currently going by…The issue is that promise he made, what is it based on? What studies is it based on? What research did you conduct to know that every village needs one dam?” 

Mr. Bawa said that the promise will be effective using the cluster method but not in every village.