Nana Aba Anamoah pushes Manasseh Azure under the Bus as Nana Kwame pummels Mr Know it All, Trollfest on social media. 


What was supposed to be a regular day for an opinionated journalist who doesn’t take any prisoners in his trade while practicing his profession turned out to be a trollfest fit for the anals of Ghanaian Social Media hall of fame. 

Manasseh Azure Awuni. 

The day Manasseh Azure Awuni got his rare handed to him started like this…..

Manasseh Azure posted on his Facebook wall;

A follower of Manasseh’s posts called Nana Kwame commented;

The viral comment has so far gathered over 2000 likes and 900 comments on Manasseh’s page, even more than his original post.

The knowledge of the award-winning Journalist has been thrown into ridicule ever since and everyone is taking a shot at him, including Nana Aba Anamoah who is also a radio and TV journalist. 


Nana Aba was suspended by Tv3 out of a similar social media wave, even though hers was gross deceit, but she has found it fit to laugh at her colleague journalist via her twitter page.

Through her post she said “it was beautifully crafted. A perfect response to an overly opinionated man.”

Manasseh has been drowning in a pool of double standard ridicule which he tried swimming out with an explanatory post on why he had his wedding in Aburi and not his village. Immediately after that post another critic smashed a reply in his face that his “WAEC standard essay” is unnecessary.

The social media savvy internet trolls jumped on the #KwameManasseh trollfest with hilarious memes;

A picture of Manasseh and his wife was pounced on by trolls.

To describe how traumatised Manasseh might have been after getting jabbed like that a troll quipped with a meme.

After Nana Kwame’s second reply to Manasseh’s essay explanation to his earlier comment another troll threw this in the raging trollfest.