Muntaka’s irresponsible accusations an insult to judiciary; Hon. OPK of Mpraeso Constituency slams Minority Whip

Hon. Davis Opoku-Ansah (OPK), MP Mpraeso Constituency

Hon. Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka, the Minority Chief Whip’s unsubstantiated allegation that a Justice of the Highest Court of the Land attempted to influence an NDC MP in the matter of the selection of a Speaker of Parliament must be condemned by all.

Muntaka’s irresponsible and dishonourable accusations must not be entertained at all. If he has evidence of any such act by a Supreme Court judge, he needs to use the appropriate channels in addressing it rather than sitting on a TV show to denigrate and insult the judiciary.

Such irresponsible commentary is an affront on the dignity of our judiciary and only aimed at denigrating the Justices of the Supreme Court for apparent yet parochial interests. He needs to be guided by order 30 (2) of our standing orders as this act brings Parliament into disrepute.

A new Member of Parliament, I was somewhat scandalised by the un-parliamentary display and shenanigans orchestrated by no less a person than the Minority Chief Whip. The continuing lack of decorum and truthfulness is deeply worrying

We owe it a duty to protect the guardian-protector of the constitution.