Man takes prostitute to hotel room & discovers she has a Penis


Kanengo police station is keeping in custody a 19 year old man Van Gomani for soliciting for immoral purpose. This occurred on the wee hours of Monday; 17th July,2017 along Kaunda road.

Facts are that Van who is a male in nature and has female looks dressed up like a woman and made her hair with weave extension stood along the road and was accosted by a man took him thinking she was a girl.


They went together and booked a hotel room. It was in that room that the the man noticed that the person he picked is not a lady but rather a fellow man.

Looking at the man, a person can easily be deceived thinking that he is a lady because of how he looks.

The man feeling deceived took Van the fake woman to the police station because a disagreement ensued when he asked for his money back. According to the Police the complainant felt deceived and accused Van of trying to steal from him through his looks.

Von Goman comes from kapetera village T/A kapeni in Blantyre and will appear in court soon to answer charges of soliciting immoral purpose which is under section 180 sub section (e) of the penal code.

Salome Zgambo Chibwana
Kanengo police

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