Make Sanitation Mgt a curriculum subject – Sanitation Club President admonishes Govt

Felix Nana Boakye with some members of the team

The president of the Kwahu Sanitation Volunteers Club, a sanitation advocacy group based in Mpraeso Kwahu, Felix Nana Boakye has called the government to consider making sanitation management a curriculum subject in schools to help create a sense of responsibility in our school going population as well as given the younger generation understanding of waste management among the youth.

Mr. Boakye made these remarks when the Kwahu Sanitation Volunteers Club held a one – day sensitization workshop on sanitation and health management for the Senior High School students within the Kwahu East District at the fore court of the Abetifihene’s palace.

“Our organization is only two years old with major aim of reviving the old communal spirit especially among youth and helps our chiefs, MMDA’S and government as a whole to fight against the growing filth challenge in Ghana today. In doing this, we are calling on the political elite to consider making sanitation management a complete subject in our schools so that our children will learn and grow with that habit”. He said,

We also seek to form sanitation clubs in the various schools in order to help cultivate the habit of cleanliness in the next generation. We also want to use the opportunity to appeal to the authorities to quickly identify with our activities and give us the necessary support to make our purpose come through”. He added.

Felix Nana Boakye

Touching on the purpose of sensitizing the Senior High School students, Mr. Boakye said majority of Ghanaian population are youth and therefore it is prudent to empower the students on waste management so that it will become part of their fabric growing up.

District Chief Executive for the Kwahu East District who was the chairman of the occasion, on his part recommended the KSVC for such important program and pledged his unflinching support for their activities. According to him all over the country, people go about their duties not focusing on sanitation management, which largely has been the cause of our problem today. He has therefore charged all the students who participated in the event to carry whatever knowledge they have acquired into their schools and homes in order to build a cleaner nation.

I entreat the Kwahu Sanitation Volunteers Club to collaborate with the district office in charge of waste management to draw a lot more essential programs such as this one to help improve upon the cleanliness of the district. I want to also reiterate that this district is the first cleanest place in the country per the latest rankings and that is why we call this place A DIGNIFIED CITY. We shall continue to work together in harmony to ensure that the President’s vision of building a clean Ghana becomes a reality. God bless us all”, He added.

Six schools including Kwahu Tafo Senior High School, St. Dominic’s SHS, Nkwatia Presbyterian SHS, St. Peter’s SHS, Abetifi Technical Institute and Abetifi Presbyterian SHS all participated in the programme.