Make Ga Central Work Efficiently and Effectively – Hon. Dr. Kissi

Hon. Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi (MP Anyaa-Sowutuom)

This message is for the general assembly, which is being held April, 13th. The municipal plays a huge role in local government and has planned for us to fight Covid—19 and maintain public health order.

A lot has been done by all including current and past leadership, all assembly men and women, civilian staff and Director. I hope we are all aware that leadership includes our MCE and former and current Member of Parliament. Our wonderful contribution is largely known by all in the community and at work.

However, there is no doubt that more work will need to be done to make the municipal work very efficiently and to appear more kind to the general population. The full impact of the pandemic on our local government, or our own small business and assembly will not be known for quite some time. I can only hope that is in line with the President plan and vision; funding will be prioritized for small business recovery and assistance, youth and workforce training programs, housing, drainage, education and social services.

Through out the healthcare crisis and the negative economic impact, the assembly has led efforts to provide assistance to our people. I am sure the commitment and dedication to service will continue. I am hopeful that we all can offer services to the people of Ga Central that reflects the President’s direction and prioritize our values of delivering quality core services and critical support for the most vulnerable member of our community.

I would like to thank the municipal for leadership during this global crisis that is affecting our city, region and country.

Our current leadership will get us through these difficult times and fuel our collective effort to make our community a thriving and vibrant one.
We all need people to help us along the way. You can go only so far by going it alone. We have a leader of the country who has become known for his steadfastness, perseverance, and undying spirit. With the new budget we can achieve the most important goals Ghana can imagine under the prevailing circumstances in the world.

Government imposes various taxes and fees to fund government programs. We ought to try to use revenue generated for designated purposes. We all need to work towards getting the best value possible for taxes paid by hard working people in the nation. We need to recognized as being fiscally responsible as a municipal. I recommend that we prepare ourselves for future natural disasters, including earthquakes, flooding and fire.

The demand by the citizens will always outpace available revenue, regardless of how well the economy is run or perform. There will never be enough money to satisfy all request for governmental services.

Hon. Dr. Dickson Kissi at work

In line with Regional Minister’s mantra, which is let’s make Accra work. We also have to make Ga Central Work. At the very least we all have to work hard to improve funding for facility development, land purchases, acquisition of equipment, staff compensations and motivation.

We all have to focus on opportunities for support and increase job creation, business growth, and development activities.

As I speak, I pray the Almighty bless us with more health, more grace, prudence and prosperity. I am glad to be a part of the great work ahead. I look forward to support the Municipal with all the knowledge and skill that the Almighty has bestowed upon me. God bless Ghana, God bless our people, God bless our Leadership of the nation.



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