Kwabena Kwabena on to wife number 3 with manager Frema Ashkar?


Kwabena Kwabena FremahFrema and Kwabena Kwabena



Despite several denials she was not warming the bed of the artiste she is said to be managing, female broadcaster, Frema Ashkar could soon be walking down the aisle with Ghanaian Highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena if the latest information making the rounds is anything to go by.

When news first broke out that Kwabena Kwabena was cheating on his second wife Abena Owusuaa and that Frema Ashkar was alleged to be the side chick, hell almost broke lose until both parted ways amidst series of controversies.

In order to cap the cause of the divorce, the musician claimed Abena Owusua allegedly used Juju on him which resulted in the collapse of the first marriage according to his pastor.

Sources however indicate that Kwabena Kwabena is set to marry his Manager reason she changed her surname form Ashkar to Adunyame

Both as usual have refused to speak to the matter but close sources say Kwabena Kwabena if the information is true will be going for his third successive marriage.



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