Kumawood actor Oboy Siki chase Prophet who predicted he will die this year


Oboy Siki


Veteran Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki is calling on Reverend Osei Bismarck, Leader of Word fire International Ministry to meet and save him from the claws of death as contained in a prophecy he made last week.

In a 3 minute, fifty-nine seconds video in possession of mynewsgh.com believed to have been recorded at the premises of Angel FM in Kumasi, Oboy Siki demanded to meet the man of God to discuss his death prophecy with him.

“I have come to the place the man of God prophesied my death. All I have to say is, I want to meet him at the same place he made his utterance for me to ask him questions. I only need him to explain things further to me. If the need arises for me to go to him at his church, I shall do that. But if I find out there is no need for me to do that, then I won’t go to him”. He said in the video

“I also plead with the man of God not to see it as if I have a grudge against him, No…, we don’t joke with prophecies. I believe in prophecies, but I am also challenging the man of God to explain things further for me to understand clearly”. He indicated


Oboy Siki’s pleas were in response to an earlier statement made by Rev. Bismarck that God has revealed to him some Kumawood actors were going to die in 2018 with the veteran actor making it to the list.

In an earlier report by mynewsgh.com, the man of God in an interview with Angel Fm in Kumasi reportedly said Oboi Siki was going to die in 2018 unless something miraculous happens.

He also stressed that there is no fear in him as he was set to mention names of the said actors when the host, Fancy Di-Maria intended to dissociate himself and the station from his utterances. “You can’t be a coward and pretend to serve God”. Rev. Osei chided

Those with ears must listen and work towards this, he said as he began with his names mentioning.

“God revealed to me many actors, which I know only three of them. They were Big Akwes, Michael Afrane and Oboy Siki, these are the names I remember”. He revealed

Source: mynewsgh


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