Kumasi-based Evangelist mocks Obinim


A Kumasi-based preacher, Evangelist Oduro has taken a swipe at the Founder and Leader of the International Gods Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Evangelist Oduro in a video that has gone viral on social media could not fathom why a later-day preacher like Obinim could claim to have the power to transform into various kinds of animals.

“We have been preaching since 1979, we have not even turned into a chicken before. Some of you came into the preaching ministry only recently and you have started turning into snakes, crabs, snails, tortoises and grass cutters and have been biting people.

“If those of us who started the ministry earlier had decided to also bite people, we would have been done killing all the Christians even before some of you entered into the ministry…,” he said while preaching in a Kumasi-Accra bound bus.

His comments are said to be a direct response to Bishop Obinim who in recent times claimed he had the power to transform into several animals while in the spirit.