Kumasi: Assembly member subjects KMA Coordinating Director to severe beating


The Assembly Member for Asokwa New Town Electoral Area in Kumasi, Oscar Riches, also known as Ghana ‘Beyeyie’, on Wednesday allegedly assaulted the Deputy Coordinating Director of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Mr Kaleem Abdellah Adam.

Eyewitnesses said he allegedly used his face “like a boxing punching bag” and left him with a cut on the nose, forehead and a bloodshot eye.

The Deputy Coordinating Director, Mr Kaleem Abdellah Adam, is said to have been taken to the hospital with a bloody face and blood in his shirt for treatment.Graphic Online gathered that the incident occurred when Mr Adam during the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee meeting of the Assembly explained that he could not produce certain documents requested by the meeting since they were with his boss, who had stepped out with the Metropolitan Chief Executive.

Mr Oscar Riches who was said to have been upset by the response verbally assaulted Mr Adam.

A source at the meeting told Graphic Online that Riches ordered the Deputy Coordinating Director to walk out of the meeting and in reply, the Deputy Director said he would walk out and will never attend that meeting again.

When contacted, the Presiding Member of the Assembly, Mr Abraham Boadi, also known as Opooman, confirmed the incident but indicated that no official complaint had been lodged with the assembly.

Source: graphic.com.gh 


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