Korle-bu CEO using APlus to destroy Govt appointees; Hon Afenyo-Markin alleges


Hon Alexander Afenyo-Markin MP for Effutu


Member of Ghana’s Parliament and NPP high flying legal brain Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin has waded into the ongoing back and forth of allegations of corruption involving the 2 deputy chiefs of staff and Musician/NPP activist APlus and the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital CEO Dr Anyaa.

On his Facebook wall Hon Afenyo-Markin shared his sympathy for the 2 deputy chiefs of staff. He intimated that the Korle-bu CEO may be using APlus to target government officials.



Read the full statement below:

“What A-Plus and Dr Anyaa have forgotten is that we are of the same stock and sharers in the same hope. Dr.Anyaa is using A-plus to destroy the very government that has given both of them space in public life.

What is “corruption” in a situation where a government official calls another official to express a concern on matters involving a fellow Ghanaian/a Ghanaian business entity?

Why should Assenso and Jinapor be the target? Where did they go wrong? Why will A-Plus record a senior police officer in an attempt to bring down the entire police administration?

What is this whole business about recording! recording! recording and contents being blown out of context?

For those Npp youth who think they are so powerful, untouchable and indispensable, quietly using A-plus to destroy their fellow youth or watching passively unconcerned whiles one of their own is being destroyed, I leave them to posterity…..Time will tell…..its not by might….the battle is the lord’s…..

In any event why is Unibank quiet?

Why are media houses affiliated (kasapa fm, kasapafm online, starr fm, gh one tv,etc) to Unibank making matters worse by carrying stories on this controversy when same is without merit?

Why will kasapafm online host the so called leaked tape on its website? What is really going on?

It’s time for men of conscience in society to speak up against all forms of blackmail and character assassination. A cowardly attempt to deflate the ego of Assenso and Jinapor and to denigrate the honour of their high office….

Courage brothers, do not stumble though your trials may be as dark as night but there is always a star to guide the innocent…trust in God and he will deliver you.

A- plus and Dr. Anyaa of Korle-bu teaching hospital should know that they are walking on a slippery ice.

He who seeks to destroy others for no just cause opens himself up for destruction…I rest my case.”

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