Koforidua: River turns Blood Red, residents thrown into a state of panic.


Residents of the Eastern Regional capital Koforidua woke up this Saturday to see the colour of the stream that criss crosses the township “River Nsukwa” turned blood red.

This has thrown the residents into a state of panic as this is the first time something of this nature is happening in the township. River Nsukwa is the source of drinking water for most of the residents of the township.



Authorities have not yet ascertain the cause of this phenomenon. Experts from the environmental protection agency and the district assembly have been alerted to take samples of the “blood red” water and test it to see what has caused this sudden change in the colour of the river.



In the mean time residents who use the water for household chores like drinking, cooking and washing have been advised to stop using water from the river until the cause of the change in colour can be determined.

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