Is it your ear; Biggie Sparta stays loyal after Shatta Wale’s heavy slap at SConcert


Many people would have thought that the bodyguard of the controversial Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale—Biggie Sparta, would have been bitter after receiving a deaf-threatening slap from his boss during the ‘S’ concert last Friday.

But Biggie together with Shatta Wale and other members of the Shatta Movement (SM) in a video has advised Ghanaians to mind their own business and stop intruding in their affairs, describing the incident as an internal family affair.

According to him, it was his own ears that received the jaw-breaking slap and not that of anyone and so bloggers and other news gatherers should respect his action.

Biggie Sparta is seen in a video that has gone viral on social trying to prevent a fan from climbing onto the stage which shatta Wale was performing during the ‘S’ Concert, but Shatta Wale who was standing close to Biggie and observing what his bodyguard was doing landed a hefty slap on the right ear of his bodyguard after Biggie prevented the fan from climbing up the stage.

The slap, which saw Biggie’s face mask falling to the ground has been heavily criticized by some Ghanaians on why the dancehall artiste gave him the slap.