Invisible Forces have taken over management of Waterfalls – Kintampo Chiefs cry out as Tragedy strikes


Kintampo traditional ruler in the Brong Ahafo Region is accusing the invincible forces of the New Patriotic Party of remotely contributing to the tragic death of some seventeen revelers at the Kintampo waterfalls on Sunday March 19, 2017.

According to Nana Essah Boakuro, the Kintampo Invincible Forces, a vigilante group of the NPP forcibly took over management of the tourism facility without accounting to anybody.

Speaking to host of Abusua Nkommo, Kwame Adinkrah, Nana Essah Boakuro said, immediately after the December elections of 2016, the Kintampo Invincible Forces of the NPP chased away those in charge of the facility under the orders that their party has won the governance mandate.

The Chief laments,since taking over management of the facility, patronage has gone down due to the NPP Forces’ lack of competence in managing the place.

“Management of the facility is not like any other tourism area. Those in charge should be able to read early warning signals and close the facility as and when there is imminent danger,” he revealed.

“There are times we foresee danger as a result of weather changes or any other factors…this enable us warn off revelers for their own safety until the weather is conducive and normalised for tourism,” he added.

“I still don’t understand why did they allow the students to swim when it was raining…when you go to the falls and it is cloudy, you have to abandon your swimming and go home,” Nana said.


“However, since the NPP boys took over, the waterfalls has been handled anyhow because they lack the expertise and competence,” Nana Boakuro revealed.

He said, “since they took charge of the waterfalls, they have never poured libation neither have they ever accounted for the revenue they make from tourists.”

”I have severally called in the Brong Ahafo Regional police commander to take action and it seemed the gravity of the situation was downplayed until this disaster happened,” he said.

“I am preparing to go to the Police Commander again…this time around, I will make sure the NPP boys are chased away from the place for the rightful managers to take over”, the Chief added.

Source: GhanaWeb