Inaugural Address by Prince Boateng, President of Kwahu Professionals Network (KPN)

Prince Boateng (President of KPN)

Acceptance Speech of New KPN President – Mr. Prince Boateng

Earlier today, I read the very profound message that my predecessor, Honourable OPK, put on the page and as I did, the phrase, “we achieved a lot” stood out for me. Certainly, Honourable OPK and his team, which I was privileged to be part of achieved a lot.

Indeed, the bar has been raised very high for my team and I and our sole duty is to ensure that we also raise it notches higher whilst maintaining the impeccable standards that have been set for this network. The KPN network is today admired by all and sundry, Kwahus are proud to associate with it and non-kwahus wish there was a way they could be part of this noble association. So ayeeko to all of us.

As the president of this new crop of executives, so inducted, I want to, on behalf of my team express our profound thanks to you all for the encouragement and the support you have extended to us right from the initial announcement of our candidature up to this moment where you are here with us for this acclamation. It simply tells us that you believe in us. We do not take it for granted and will work to uphold it.

A heart-warming occurrence today, which I must highlight is that about 90% of us in this new team have played either the same or key leadership roles in the activities of this network in the past administration. So, as we take over the reins, which isn’t exactly new to us, the valuable lessons we have picked up, the experiences we have been fortunate to go through and the passion which burns deeply in us to see Kwahu stand tall and take its pride of place in Ghana will continue to be our guiding light.

Thank you all once again for your support; thank you for accepting to go on this journey with us and thank you for believing in Kwahu and in us. We get to work now and in it we will be sure to stay true to our mantra, help a Kwahu to help a Kwahu. May God bless us all and be our helper.

Thank you.



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