I’ll sue ‘food lover’ Maurice Ampaw if he fails to go on hunger strike – Lawyer


Legal practitioner, David Annan has threatened to take legal action against lawyer Maurice Ampaw if he fails to go on the one-week hunger strike in protest against the freeing of the Montie trio by President John Mahama.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw after the pardon was announced said, he would go 24 hours each day without food and water to register his anger at the President’s decision to pardon the three.

He added that President Mahama’s decision to satisfy footsoldiers amounts to endorsing impunity thus will campaign vigorously against his re-election. However, lawyer David Annan who believes the president only exercised his powers in consultation with the Council of State, dared lawyer Maurice Ampaw to embark on his hunger strike in public.

“Maurice Ampaw should make sure that he does his hunger strike in public for everyone to know and not do it in his room else if he dares to eat, we will take him to court.

“I know Maurice likes food a lot and so I doubt that he could even stand hunger just for a day. He should come out and do whatever he wants to do to protest Mahama’s decision in public and not in his room because we are closely monitoring him,” he stated.


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