ICGC “mythical” Temple banner explained – Hotep Abeku Adams


Each year Pastor Mensah Otabil’s International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) rolls out it’s temple backdrop (the image behind their alter). This image is both mythical and mysterious with deeper meanings which the common eye cannot decipher.

In the following report our resource person Hotep Abeku Adams attempts to explain the knowledge behind this year’s image and what it represents for the church members of ICGC.



A. The banner has two main divisions at the centre of which are;

(1) the globe,

(2) ascending man (Jesus),

(3) twelve men (disciples) with…

(4) tongues of fire on their heads. In front of the twelve is…

(5) a warrior (historically his shield with crucifix makes him a crusader, a Knight Templar).

The Knight Templars were special Order of warriors by the Vatican for treasure hunt and land grabbing in the Middle East, an older version of ISIS terrorists today. On the globe is…

(6) a giant bird (eagle/dove?).

B. LEFT side of the banner has 12 elements basically illustrating the Jesus story: Birth, Instructions, Baptism, Crucifixion, Ascension, Pentecost.
1. On the mountain far away in the background is the SUN.
2. In the Sun are the THREE WISEMEN (magi) by BABY JESUS in a manger.
3. Above the Sun is the STAR (up on the right of the mountain).
4. On the right of the mountain is a TEMPLE (where Jesus was named as a baby and instructed as a boy. It’s same Temple he said he would destroy and build in 3 days).
5. Down in the valley is the river JORDAN,
6. In the Jordan is his BAPTISM by John (the dove is missing).
7. Further left we have GOLGOTHA on which are the THREE CRUCIFIXES one of which Jesus died on.
8. Further left above Golgotha is a THUNDER.
9. Beneath Golgotha is the TOMB in which he was buried.
10. Out of the dark tomb shines a LIGHT,
11. In front of the tomb is a PATCH OF LAND
12. On that land is a WREATH.

C. RIGHT side of the banner has 12/13 elements illustrating something complex.
1. Below is WATER
2. and NINE FISH.
3. FOOTPRINTS 👣leading out of the water
6. Down-right are TWO MILITARY TANKS
7. With HEADLIGHTS on.
8. Above the tanks is HYDROELECTRIC DAM
9. And HIGH TENSION structures emitting energy/current.
10. Left to that is a NUCLEAR REACTOR
11. Above the reactor and the dam are TWO LOADED CLOUDS
12. In which are waht look like engineering materials (e.g Spanner, wheels, etc)
13. Behind all that is LOGARITHMIC blanket.

D. Below A, B, and C is CHAOS, RED Abyss at the feet of the Warrior at the Centre.

E. There are SEVEN lights or sources of ENERGY in banner: Sun, star, lightning, light from the Tomb, Light from the tanks, Light from the Hydroelectric dam and the Nuclear Reactor. This reminds me of the scripture that says “UPON ONE STONE SHALL BE SEVEN EYES” 😁

F. Note the TWELVE Disciples/apostles are evenly divided or distributed between the two parts of the banner: 6 LEFT and 6 RIGHT.

#NOTE numerology in the banner: 3 crucifixes, 3 water bodies: Jordan, water for hydro and one with fish. 3 mountains/hills (birthday place, death place and burial) 3 high tension poles and 3 nuclear reactors. 2 military tanks with 4 lights. 12 apostles. 9 fish. Wreath with 3 flowers. 2 clouds. 2 worlds/2 parts of the banner.


I will only sign off with the Latin, “SCIENTA SIT POTENTIA” (KNOWLEDGE is POWER).
English professors will teach you that “IS” is a state of being. This makes “KNOWLEDGE” and “POWER” synonymous.

#Proverbs 25:2 says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter”. This is meat, not “I receive it” kind of talk. You want to rule with #Influence and #Power? Break it up 😂

Listen to Pastor Mensa
Otabil 2018. Aside #TITHE on which we disagree based on my understanding of Deuteronomy 14:22-29 and Malachi 2:1; 3:10, I respect him. #Selah

©K. A. N. E. (ABEKU Adams)