I tested negative; Hon. Ras Mubarak on yet to be released Parliamentary COVID-19 test results

Hon Ras Mubarak undergoing the COVID-19 test

In a new twist to the Parliamentary COVID-19 test results MP for Kumbungu Constituency Hon Ras Mubarak has said he tested negative to the disease which calls into questions the press release by Parliament Press Secretary Kate Addo that the test results are yet to be known.

Hon Ras Mubarak waiting to get tested

Early today news picked up from Starrfmonline reported that 2 parliamentarians and 13 parliamentary staffers had tested positive to COVID-19 in the voluntary testing which took place in parliament last week.

Press Release from Parliament

A press statement issued by Parliament rubbished the news report stating the the test results are yet to be released by the medical team to the Parliamentary Caucus.



Hon Ras Mubarak claim that he tested negative around the same time as this press statement issued by Parliament calls into questions the authenticity of the press statement and also makes one wonder if Parliament is trying to hide something from the general public.

So who do we believe? Hon Ras Mubarak or the Parliamentary Press statement?

Hon Ras Mubarak MP for Kumbungu Constituency

More soon.