I have been blacklisted by “Chinchinga” sellers, they refuse to serve me; Kojo Yankson laments after spurious theory on Atomic Junction Gas Explosion backfires


Host of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Kojo Yankson says he was denied “chichinga” when he approached one seller to purchase some.

Kojo was speaking on Hitz Daybreak Entertainment Show on Wednesday when he made the statement.

“Charlie yesterday I went to buy some chichinga and the people say they will not sell to me,” he stated amidst laughter.

This is a new twist to the huge controversy stemming from a video Kojo made from the scene of the recent gas explosion at Atomic Junction, in which he claimed the explosion was caused by fire from a khebab seller’s griller.

The video went viral on social media and the public did not take kindly to it at all because, as people put it, the khebab seller had always been at the spot but it was rather the gas leakage that was new and hence the cause of the explosion.

Since Kojo put out the video, he had come under a huge public bashing and some have even made a photoshop of him dressed like a fire officer and described him as a Chief Fire Officer.



Others have also put out a poster of him as a member of the famous US CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) team and described the edition he supposedly featured in as “Atomic Junction – the Chichinga edition”.

Kojo has since taken in all the criticisms and said that the final report from the Ghana National Fire Service on the cause or origin of the explosion will exonerate him.

According to him, when he was denied the “chichinga” he had to settle for roasted plantain to quench his crave for something grilled.

“Charlie I had to resort to ‘Kofi broke man’ and take it like that,” he said.

Host of the show, Andy Dosty and another panelist, Obidumbie Adu Kumi could not hold back their laughter after Kojo’s told his chichinga story.

Assistant News Editor of Adom FM, Kwaku Adu Kumi was reviewing Akosua’s cartoon published by the Daily Guide newspaper on the Daybreak Hitz entertainment paper review.