I depict pharoahs for afrocentric reasons – Nana Fynn


Ace contemporary highlife musician Nana Fynn has said he incorporated the Egyptian culture in his Ghanaian wardrobe to stand out among his peers and also to make a statement about the black race.

Nana Fynn, since the release of his first album ‘Ankwansema’ in 2000, most often appear on shows wearing the Nemes Headdress of ancient Egyptian pharaohs made with the Ghanaian kente cloth.

Explaining why he chooses to dress that way on Entertainment Capital on Accra 100.5FM on Saturday August 3, Nana Fynn said he dresses as a pharaoh to remind people that Egypt was the cradle of civilisation and that the black person has once led civilisation.

“I felt I needed to stand out in many ways and I needed to also make a statement about my race as a black person. Many people do not know modern civilisation hinges on Egyptian civilisation. Today, a lot of Egyptian films portray Egyptians around the days of the pyramid as white but they were not white people, they were Coptic black Egyptians. They were the true Egyptians and the pharaohs of the time so [I dress this way] just to remind people that we as black people have also led this civilisation called human race”.

The Odo handkerchief hit maker added that he blends his adopted Egyptian fashion with the Ghanaian culture as a symbol of his ‘majestic thinking’.

Explaining what he meant by majestic thinking, Nana Fynn told show host DJ Premier that: “I feel I’m a leader everywhere I go. I’m responsible for people around me and the things around me because I have learnt that the collective is more important than the individual, so with that thought, whatever I do, I want to be first not because I think I am more important than the next person, but because I think that if I take the lead, I can open the door for the next person to step in and also be greater than myself”.

Nana Fynn is considered one of the most talented highlife musicians in Ghana. His album ‘Odo handkerchief’ released in 2001 was an instant hit which was followed by ‘Dokodoko’ in 2003. He released Magic in 2005 with ‘Romeo’ as the hit song. In 2008, he released another album, Twe Wo Ho, which enjoyed a lot of airplay as well.