I am not responsible for E-Levy cake – Senyo Hosi



I have noted various comments regarding my presence at the party to mark the 65th birthday of my good friend, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu (OKMB), the majority leader in parliament. I have also noted suggestions that I am responsible for the supply or donation of the E-Levy cake.

I hereby submit my response:

  1. I am not responsible for the E-LEVY Cake neither did I partake in its cutting.
  2. As a guest at anyone’s party, i do not hold responsibility for the type of cake that is ordered or gifted by anyone.
  3. I was present when the cake was delivered and can confirm neither OKMB nor the Minority was responsible for the supply of the cake. It was a surprise gift from the very person who delivered the cake.
  4. OKMB and his family are friends of mine and we do not allow politics to get in the way of our friendship. For those who know me, friendships mean a lot to me. I am happy to have shared in the celebration of my friend’s milestone year of 65. I was present at the 64th and will be present at the next if invited and available.
  5. OKMB and I sometimes disagree on issues of policy and politics but that does not define my relation with his family. As a friend and observer of his service, i have so much respect and regard for him and his service to mother Ghana 🇬🇭. That will not change because of our policy disagreements.
  6. It is a known fact that I am friends with and keep relationships with a number of our leaders on both sides of the political divide (NDC and NPP). As matter of fact, I join in most of their celebrations. These relationships do not define my opinion on issues of policy or my position on the trajectory of our dear nation 🇬🇭 . These relationships enlighten my perspectives and effectively shape my ability to proffer real solutions on issues of policy. I am my own man and my thoughts are my own.
  7. It is no secret that I openly agree and disagree with both political forces when and where required. Despite my good relationships with them, I recently shared strong views on the failings of both parties at the Constitution Day Public Lecture I delivered at UPSA in the presence of OKMB and my brother, Dr. Dominic Ayine of the NDC.
  8. I am one of few persons to serve as a ministerial advisor to ministers from opposing governments (NDC and NPP). Even then, i have been critical of some of their actions and inactions. I am also proud to have had two Aunties serve as Ministers of State in opposing Governments (Elizabeth Ohene and the late Dzifa Attivor). I love them both and yet we agree and disagree over issues of politics and policy. Simply put, I learn from many but I am my own man.
  9. The fact that I party with and have friends who may be politicians you like or dislike does not define my position on issues of national importance.
  10. My presence at any party where E-LEVY is presented as a matter of discussion or as a cake does not define or establish my position on E-LEVY.
  11. Am I apolitical? It is impossible to work in the space of policy and claim not to be interested in issues of politics, which is the home of policy. I work and serve in the policy space so I am not apolotical! I am simply NON-PARTISAN. My advocacy has only one thing in focus: the sustainable good of Mother Ghana 🇬🇭 and its people, you and I.
  12. May the good Lord Bless and keep us all.
  13. Credit: Senyo Hosi