How men react to Pregnancy; ladies share their stories (MUST READ)



1. General, I was not safe so when we were doing the “do”, I asked him what would he do if I’m pregnant, since I’m a side chick. He said he will pull out when cumming. Well, the thing sweet him well well so he couldn’t fulfill his bargain. I was pregnant. I told him. He was mad that I should abort. That was my back case. He gave me GHs20,000 to abort. I took the money for myself but still kept the baby. Now he is happy with the baby. Men will be boys.


2. My husband didn’t speake to me for 2 days when I told him I was pregnant with our second child. When I asked he said he need time to process it. LOL

3. Lol AG same happened with my second child too. He told me he wasn’t ready and started reading budgets to me la. Now come and see him asking a new born why she cries anytime he is hold her


4. AG I when I did the pregnancy test and it was positive, I screamed in excitement running to him as he was having his breakfast. He asked why? Then I showed him the kit. After looking at he dropped it on the table and said, so what should he do? For one week he never spoke with me.


5. General when I told my boyfriend I was pregnant, he fled from the town. For three days I didn’t hear from him. There were no cell phones so I was going to his house. His parents said they couldn’t find him. That was 25 years ago. Son is in university now.


6. AG the way some women break the pregnancy news is not good at all. When you’re in a pensive mood that is when they do the damage. Some even start with we need to talk. Causing fear and panic.


Credit : copied from the Facebook wall of the Awareness General Francis Kennedy Ocloo