How JoyFM tried & failed to release Manasseh from the clutches of Nana Kwame and his band of Facebook Trolls after his Blocking spree backfired.


After what seemed like an eternity of salvos being through at the Opinionated Manasseh Azure Awuni on Facebook after a clapback by one of his followers on a post he made criticising the African CEOs conference in Switzerland went viral, the respected journalist who is no stranger to attacks decided to enlist the services of the big guns; JoyFM & Multimedia to salvage his crumbling reputation on Facebook for being tolerant and impervious to trolling. 

In a highly needless but necessary (because of the impact of cyber bullying on people’s lives) morning interview conducted by morning show host Kojo Yankson, Manasseh decried his Facebook account being suspended after multiple people reported he had blocked them the previous day.

#ThinkGhana can confidently confirm that Manasseh’s Facebook account does NOT exist anymore. This is either as a result of his account being reported by some of the people he blocked as a spam account or Facebook themselves having to suspend the account because of suspicious activity. 

Here is an excerpt of the interview Nana Kwame the person who is credited with Manasseh’s predicament on Facebook granted JiyFMs Kojo Nyankson together with Manasseh Azure Awuni himself. 

Nana Kwame and Manasseh on joy FM:
Nana Kwame – I have nothing against Manasseh and I like him a lot and have been following him for a while. 
Nana Kwame – I replied because I felt he was misleading the public because most of us trust him and might take what he said on face value without much research and go ahead to bash the organisers of the event wrongly.
Nana Kwame – I never knew my comment will go this far because I’ve been commenting on his post for a while and nothing of this sort has happened before.
Nana Kwame – I didn’t know my comment had generated this enthusiasm because I was in church that evening having some discussions.

During the discussions I was asked to search for something online and when I checked my phone, that’s when I saw what was going on.

I was surprised.
Nana Kwame – I had 48 friends previously but now I have over 5000 with some more requests.

NK – It feels someway because it looks likes you are feeding on the downfall of a friend..

Manasseh – This is not a downfall. I don’t see it as a downfall at all. I’m used to this kind of thing.
Manasseh – I never saw his comment as insulting to my person or professional work and I bear no grudges against him.
Manasseh – I replied because I felt there was the need for others to see why his analogy was wrong by providing more info and another angle to the debate.
Manasseh – I know some people used this opportunity to get back at me because some people who had sent me inbox messages (shows message to host), asking why I’m criticising the government and threatening me, was one of the first people to like that comment and went ahead to use on unprintable words against me..
NK – After the first day, I thought it was all over only to see a reply from Manasseh. That shocked me because I thought it will be allowed to die a natural death. Trying to say there’s no sense in what I was saying will compel a reply and it will go on.
NK – I wasn’t right and neither was he wrong if he feels so. Sometimes you let people decide what they want to say its right but you keep what you believe to yourself..
Most are not exact quotes but paraphrased….
Me : I think Nana Kwame  demonstrated humility in thoughts and disposition. He made his points without any motives. God bless…

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Manasseh n Kojo only wanted to  bring Nana Kwame down.. Their mission was to tell Nana Kwame that his comment was lame n irrelevant…  I’m not disappointed in Nana Kwame but rather disappointed in Kojo, Manasseh  the rest of the team …

Source: Kofi Annan Niklaus  Mykealson’s comment on Pope Dee Barnabas IV Facebook post.